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About GS Gage

Today, GSG has the broadest product line in its market and is known as a quality leader. For further information, please contact us.

Our Certifications The GS Gage Company Vision 

Our History:

Glastonbury Southern Gage was formed in 1995 when two of the largest and oldest gage companies, Glastonbury Gage and Southern Gage, were united under one owner. Glastonbury Gage was founded in 1964 in Glastonbury, CT by individuals who had trained at Pratt Whitney Machine. From these beginnings, Glastonbury Gage has continually increased its product offering and services.

Southern Gage was founded in 1955 in Erin, TN as an outgrowth of the Woodward Company. It grew to be a full service gage manufacturer with emphasis on thread gaging. During the 1980’s Southern Gage became known for its educational and training programs on thread form and gaging. In 1995, the owner of Glastonbury Gage purchased Southern Gage from ITW. In March 1999, the GSG Erin operations occupied its new 42,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility. It includes 5,000 square feet of laboratory space, temperature and humidity control for the entire plant, CNC thread grinding equipment and a streamlined process work flow.

In July 2001 GSG consolidated customer service and plain cylindrical production to improve deliveries and customer response, while this effort was successful we at GSG continue to find ways of improving delivery and customer service. We intend to build on this platform to offer our customers quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our Company Vision:

  1. GSG will be a quality leader in its industry. Our customers can depend on our products and services to be a cornerstone of their quality program.
  2. GSG will offer value to its customers by delivering a quality product or service, on time and at a competitive price.
  3. GSG will offer services to our customers including training seminars, technical assistance and calibration resources.
  4. GSG considers its associates to be its most important asset.
  5. GSG will everyday earn the privilege of being the supplier of choice to our customers.
  6. GSG will participate in industry associations to help establish effective quality guidelines and standards.

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