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Prices vary. Contact GS Gage for pricing information.

  • Part Type Masters are used extensively in the automotive industry. Typically used on shop floor inspection equipment as artifacts that reference the equipment, typical applications are: rotor, drum, connecting rod, camshaft, piston and crankshafts.
  • Almost every variable gage in use has a part master associated with it .
  • All masters are made out of Tool Steel, hardened to 58-62 RC and double stabilized. Chrome plate is available (not used in areas where carbide probes touch the master). In cases where the gage might be used in a corrosive environment, 440-C Stainless Steel may be used. Certain tight manufacturing tolerance applications may need min., mean and max. condition masters for greater accuracy when setting the gage fixture.
  • Our Engineering department will be pleased to review your part master needs.
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